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The DOT Alpaca is an all-in-one canopy camper constructed from ultra-lightweight aluminum fabrication. Designed for all seasons and purposes, whether you're using your pickup as a hauler, workhorse, overlander, or world explorer, the Alpaca is versatile. It features specially tough, fully water/weather-repellent door material to shield you from heat waves or snowstorms.

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Technical Specs:
- Lightweight Aluminum
- Panoramic windows 
- Complete weight approx. 120kg
- Height: 65cm
- Bed Dimension: 210cm x 130cm
- Height open: 250cm
- Powdercoated (3 Layer)
- Accessories compatible
- Awning compatible
- Auxiliary Light compatible
- Roof load capacity up to 150kg

Tent material
- polyester fabric 350 Dtex
- water repellent / waterproof up to 1000mm
- Mosquito nets integrated

Color Options Tent:
- Black
- Bright Olive
- Natural White

Doors Option:
- without window
- window side
- window back door

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    Awning Bracket

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    Awning BracketAwning Bracket
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    Roof Crossbars

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    Roof CrossbarsRoof Crossbars
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    Deflector Front

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    Deflector FrontDeflector Front