Kirill and his 4x4 Ford Econoline Van

Kirill and his 4x4 Ford Econoline Van

Kirill was our first customer from overseas and we thank him for his trust. He lives in California with his wife and his 4x4 Ford and build up his roof with roof rack. 

What kind of vehicle do you have?: 
1990 Ford E-150 4x4


What criteria did you use to select your roof rack system?
Or what exactly were you looking for?:
We wanted a versatile and adjustable rack that would fit different needs, depending on the trip. We love finding cool offroad camp spots, and being able to haul all our toys for the trip. The DOT system makes it easy to adjust the tracks in order to accommodate a multitude of brackets and racks. Giving us the ability to haul bikes, paddle boards, kayaks, fuel, solar and various camp accessories.


Which parts did you use? Was the mounting like you imagined it?: 
We used it all! Corner Brackets, DOT 100 Roof Rack Mount, and the cross member brackets. You can mount everything with minimal tools, couple of Allen keys and a few wrenches. Voila!


What is your next adventure or what do you plan to do now?: 
Our next few trips involve some decent off-roading and I am convinced that the D0T rack system will stand up to the challenge. Mojave Road / Moab in October, Oregon Snow trip in December. Banff National Park next summer, as well as numerous short trips local in California Sierras.


What does "ready for whatever" mean to you?: 
Put it in drive, and forget about the rest.


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