Sven and his Mercedes G-Klasse

Sven and his Mercedes G-Klasse

Ever seen a roof with a terrace on it? Instead of mounting boxes and other equipment to the roof, Sven decided to mount a terrace with a seat option on his Mercedes G-Klasse. The basis for this is our SMALL Roof Rack Set.

My wife and me own an old Mercedes G-Klasse from 1984. The vehicle used to belong to the fire brigade and we found it perfect for our purposes! Since we wanted to install a wooden terrace on the roof, we needed a modular and very stable system. The DOT Roof Racks seemed to be a good option for our requirements. Also I promised my daughter that I would build her a slide on the car and we would just sit on the roof and eat ice cream, so I was looking for a roof rack system that made this possible and... I kept my promise!
Just kidding, we own a shop and use our G-Klasse, called "Aunt Gerda" for fairs and events as well. The idea was to find a system for these purposes too and Nico from Days On Tracks advised me and I also left the assembly to him and his team.


Erika und Kurt Mercedes G-Klasse mit Dachterasse

After two years of pandemic we are so ready for whatever and looking forward to fairs and exhibitions. And as soon as the time is right, the plan is to go to a secluded lake with our family to calm down!

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