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The DOT ALPACA is the ultimative all-in-one minimal camper for pick ups. Developed for any kind of adventure and activity. A lightweight construction out of aluminium makes this camper to an all season partner. It will come with some very new features like the roof rack, a complete removable tent-shell or the fully customizable look.

All pictures shows prototype rendering. Design and details will may change during the production.

Technical Specs:
- Lightweight Aluminum
- Complete weight approx. 170kg
- Height: 65cm
- Bed Dimension: 250cm x 130cm
- Comfortable Mattress
- Height open: 250cm
- LED Ambient Light (color changeable)
- Powdercoated (3 Layer)
- Changeable Wing Door Materials
- Roof Rack compatible
- Accessories compatible
- Awning compatible
- Auxiliary Light compatible

Color Options Tent:
- Black
- Sun Yellow
- Bright Olive
- Natural White

Door Options:
- Aluminum Powder-Coated
- Aluminum with Wooden Cover
- Aluminum with Carbon Cover
- Soft Doors Black
- Soft Doors Sand
- Soft Doors Olive