Black Mercedes Sprinter with roof rack in the vinyard

Alex and his Mercedes Sprinter

Looking to add a roof rack to their home on four wheels, Alex and Line came across Days On Tracks and had their Mercedes Sprinter equipped with our Large DOT Roof Rack Set. Planning and installation could take place here on site, as they both live just around the corner.


What kind of vehicle do you have?
We have an older Mercedes Sprinter. 

What criteria did you use to select your roof rack system or what exactly were you looking for?
We wanted something high quality and we wanted to support people from our extended network here on site. DOT appealed to us in terms of quality and aesthetics. In addition, it was an advantage for us that they are located just around the corner and we had short distances for planning, consulting and installation / assembly. We wanted exactly what we have now. A roof rack system for a roof tent and other modules, such as boxes, possibly some solar panels will be added ...

Which parts did you use? Was the mounting like you imagined it?
We purchased the DOT 100 Roof Rack Mounts as well as Corner Brackets and U-Connectors for the entire roof area. We left the assembly to the professionals.

What is your next adventure or what do you plan to do now?
We still want to expand the bus from the inside or have it expanded.
We’re five people, so we need the whole space in the car and on the roof to sleep.
Last summer we spent two weeks in the region as a test, but this summer and with the finished interior it should go actually a little further away. Destination is still unclear, we’ll go with the flow and don’t plan too much. Because ...

What does "ready for whatever" mean to you?
... "Ready for whatever" means just that for us: to be ready and to start with the "truck" wherever we wanted to go and without the pre-planned perfect summer vacation in mind. It can be France, it can be a tour through Slovenia and also if it's "only" the Oberlausitz in our region, we’re together and every place with our home on four wheels is nice. And also after a long day of work on the vineyard, we often spontaneously decide to spend a night in our car on the vineyard. This is then the perfect reward.


Black Mercedes Sprinter with roof rack in the vinyard
Black Mercedes Sprinter with roof rack in the vinyard
Black Mercedes Sprinter with roof rack in the vinyard

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