Enrico and his Peugeot Boxer

Enrico and his Peugeot Boxer

No space in the back of his van because it's full of motorcycles, our good friend Enrico used different roof rack parts from DOT to assemble a roof tent and to have relaxing nights on his Peugeot during different enduro and off-road events.

For my old white Peugeot Boxer there usually only these „industrial roof racks“ that are way too high and also quite expensive. This is not what I expected to have and also it was important for me to install parts that also fit my next vehicle without having to many changes to do. Great that Nico offered me different parts to complete my roof rack! For my Peugeot I installed the Corner Brackets and T-Connectors. With these parts and the sliding blocks, connecting the profiles was a breeze!



I don't take the "Vanlife" too seriously! I own a roof tent but this is mostly used for enduro events where I sleep on the roof while the old motorcycles stand in the back of my bus. For my next adventure I plan to to drive the TET as well as to travel to the Balkan. And in between hopefully enough little trips with whatever.
In my opinion everybody can be "ready for whatever". But that means that sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone and that might be harder for some than for others. But in the end you only regret the things you didn't do. Except jumping out of an airplane without a parachute, you immediately regret that. At least the few seconds before the impact..







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