Tino and his Ford Transit

Tino and his Ford Transit

Nico Müller

Our friend Tino is a free spirit and always on the road with his dog. To build a  roof rack according to his needs, he used different parts from our DOT roof rack category.


What kind of vehicle do you have?:
Eight month ago I ´ve bought a 2011 Ford Transit Tourneo (H1,L1), 2.2 with 86hp as a classic transport van. I transformed it to my personal style camper vehicle with the focus on exploring and adventures outdoors as well as the possibility to transport anything I want. So it’s not standard Instastyle, but I am very proud and soooooo satisfied with the result. I already drove more than 30.000km since I bought it. With that car I am absolutely independent. It’s fully heat-isolated and has extra selfmade side panels made of wood to attach anything I need. It has All terrain wheels, an high performance solarsystem with a powerbank, a 40 liter fridge, selfmade toilet, kitchenbox and Camperbeds, an Airline-System to transport heavy duties or just to hold my camperbed and a Planar-Heatingsystem. A roof box for all my necessary Camperstuff wich is - of course - assembled on a beautiful handmade roof rack system is included as well.


What criteria did you use to select your roof rack system? Or what exactly were you looking for?:
I just took a look around and I was shocked about the pricing of all the bigger brands. So I quickly decided to built up my very own roof rack system.


Which parts did you use? Was the mounting like you imagined it?:
In the end I am using black anodised aluminium ITEMs as a frame which are combined with DOT 100 Roof Rack Mounts. These parts give me the opportunity to arrange the frame like I need it to. So I can change the positions of my solar panels, my roof box or boxes or even an kayak. This is really awesome.


What is your next adventure or what do you plan to do now?:
I live without family and responsibilities to other persons, this gives me the freedom to travel around all the time. Maybe its egoistic but I love it too much. I can work and live everywhere and don’t need to plan “the next big adventure”. For instance I just came home from Mallorca, a beautiful island to live, work and enjoy my lifetime. Today I am working in our media/fashion school where I am part of the management, so tonight I will sleep in the woods beside a small lake and close to a village called Wandlitz. Every day there are new places to go!


What does "ready for whatever" mean to you?:
These words describes my Transit just perfect. This car is really ready for whatever. Just jump in and go ...


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