Why Days on Tracks?

Why Days on Tracks?

Sylvia Müller

Hi, we are Nico & Sylvia, the founders behind Days on Tracks and with this blogpost we’d like to tell you more about us and our story. 

We both started out with the motorcycle brand Hookie were we and our small team converted and engineered parts and one off motorcycles for 8 years. Besides motorcycle and the overall mobility scene, we love minimal camping. 

It all began in 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic, were all people wanted to leave the city for camping. In late 2019 Nico bought a GMC Vandura Pathfinder which we started to convert for the camping season with our family. It was a rough conversion, but with love in the details and with focus on functionality. For example, the kitchen is hidden in the drawer which you can pull out. Since we wanted to travel with our kids, we needed an additional roof tent and therefore a roof rack. So Nico engineered the rack himself. The rack had to be flexible to fix boxes, but also the roof tent.

At the end Nico also offered it to friends and when interest grew fast, we began to develop more and more products for the camping area - Days on Tracks was born. 🏕️⁠ ⁠ ⁠

First travel goal: Austria

Our first family camping adventure started in 2020 with the goal to reach Slovenia across the mountains of Austria within 2 weeks. There was a lot of excitement in the air, first traveling in a pandemic, secondly traveling with the converted van and thirdly traveling with a 30year old Van. In the mountains of Austria we needed to plan more than one stop to cool down the brakes of our Van, since they cooked off while rolling down the hills. But the view… omg it was stunning and so worth it!

First stop was in the middle of the Austrian mountain. A friend of us has a huge farm here, which he has elaborately developed into a retreat center. The view and fresh air was super nice and also to sleep under apple trees.
After some days of enjoying the region and had a nice get together with our friends we set off for the next destination: Slovenia Bohinji Lake.

Next stop: Bohinji Lake, Slovenia

Almost right after the border of Austria we arrived at the Bohinji Lake in Slovenia. Living in the Van with our kids was really fun and we had a wonderful time there. After exploring the area around Bohinji we again pack everything and went to our last destination.


Our last destination: the beautiful Soča Valley, Slovenia

When we arrived at the camping space at Soča we spot the best place you can imagine. Right at the river. This was a super special extra feeling as you can see in the pictures.

Soca valley

We enjoyed the view and the feeling right on the riverside and also experienced the whole area around the river Soča. It was a wonderful last spot and we drove back full of warm and emotional moments in mind and excited for were our next adventures will bring us. 🚌

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