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The DOT Alpaca is an all-in-one soft-top canopy camper constructed from ultra-lightweight aluminum fabrication. Designed for all seasons and purposes, whether you're using your pickup as a hauler, workhorse, overlander, or world explorer, the Alpaca is versatile. It features specially tough, fully water/weather-repellent door material to shield you from heat waves or snowstorms.

Why fabric doors? With no mechanical parts, there's less maintenance and more time for fun. All doors can be fully rolled to the top, allowing you to enjoy the full view or easily haul bulky items. When navigating tough terrain, the doors provide complete protection from dust, mud, and water, leaving scratches in the past. That's why we've focused on these values in developing a product that embodies them.

Read more about 5 things you need to know about our ALPACA Camper.

Technical Specs:
- Lightweight Aluminum
- Panoramic windows 
- Complete weight approx. 120kg
- Height: 65cm
- Bed Dimension: 210cm x 130cm
- Height open: 250cm
- Powdercoated (3 Layer)
- Accessories compatible
- Awning compatible
- Auxiliary Light compatible
- Roof load capacity up to 150kg

Tent material
- polyester fabric 350 Dtex
- water repellent / waterproof up to 1000mm
- Mosquito nets integrated

Color Options Tent:
- Black
- Orange
- Bright Olive
- Natural White

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    Awning Bracket

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    Awning BracketAwning Bracket
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    Roof Crossbars

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    Roof CrossbarsRoof Crossbars
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    Deflector Front

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    Deflector FrontDeflector Front