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Days on Tracks

DOT ZEBU Slim Bed Rack Mid

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Discover the endless possibilities with the innovative DOT ZEBU Slim Bed Rack. From roof top tents to bike racks and spare tires, this versatile rack offers limitless options for additional accessories. Plus, with large side Molle panels, you can easily mount canisters, recovery boards, or lights for added convenience and functionality. 

It provides a static load capacity of up to 300kg and a dynamic load capacity of 150kg.

Compatible with all rail types, the rack fits rails with a minimum width of 120cm and a maximum width of 156cm.

Made and designed in Germany, this versatile rack is also compatible with sports bars, making it a top choice for any adventure. Get ready to conquer any challenge with the DOT ZEBU Slim Bed Rack.

Technical Details:

  • Height: 28cm
  • Heavy Duty Version
  • Mounting options for auxiliary and searchlights
  • Multiple mounting systems for extra holders e.g. ladders, bike racks, racks for surf and snow board, video equipment etc.
  • Universal M8 mounting holes
  • Variable rack width (120-156cm)
  • Rack length 110cm
  • 3 layer powder coating
  • Complete system with mounting hardware
  • NO TÜV acceptance required!


  • Simple self-assembly
  • 8x M8 holes for mounting on rails
  • Quickly mounted without special tools
  • Installation time approx. 1-2 hours


  • 4x Mounting Arms
  • 2x Arm Connector
  • 1x Bridge Connector


🌱 At Days on Tracks, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability, with development and production processes meticulously crafted in Germany, ensuring environmentally conscious practices every step of the way.