5 things you need to know about our ALPACA canopy camper

5 things you need to know about our ALPACA canopy camper

Nico Müller

The pick-up is characterized by robust technology, off-road mobility and comfort like in an upscale automobile class. That's why we have developed our DOT ALPACA canopy camper, a light and quick-to-assemble camper attachment.

Here are the 5 most important features of our DOT ALPACA canopy camper.

The increasing registration numbers of pick-ups in Germany and Europe are also strengthening the camping market. Pick-up vehicles are real all-rounders and, in addition to transporting bulky things, also offer very high potential for an all-in-one camper van. In contrast to a conventional living cabin (demountable cabin), the ALPACA canopy camper combines all the elements that a pick-up has! Here are the 5 most important features of our DOT ALPACA:

1. Weight - In contrast to conventional living cabins with a weight of 350kg or more, our ALPACA weighs only 160kg in the highest equipment variant. This weight therefore does not require any additional loading or changes to the pickup chassis and still offers endless scope for additional luggage or attachments.

2. Construction - The ALPACA canopy camper is mounted directly on the side of the pick-up and does not have a closed floor. The advantage is, on the one hand, the high weight savings and, on the other hand, individual expansions can be realized much better. The pick-up retains its full ability to transport bulky things, which is not possible with a living cabin. The wide and high access to the loading area remains and is not unnecessarily restricted.

3. Design – With the ALPACA camper it is possible to simply leave an all-season structure on the vehicle. Thanks to individual modular equipment, the ALPACA can be used all year round and you save the assembly for a holiday, true to the motto: ready to go at any time, flap up and camper is standing! We call that “ready for whatever”.
In our opinion, the camper has everything you need for spontaneous but also long-term camping use.

4. Comfort – Anyone who comes from rooftop camping or camping will feel right at home in our ALPACA. A mixture of living space and tent feeling is unique and the camper offers a comfortable retreat even in stormy or rainy weather. The ALPACA is designed for flexibility and therefore the bed surface can either be pushed completely to the side and used as a chillout area (day bed) or even as a desk. Like a living cabin, our ALPACA is completely waterproof and dustproof.

5. Manufacturing – As a young company, our focus is on developing all of our products ourselves and manufacturing them locally in Germany. This way of working allows us to guarantee our customers a full service of individuality and quality. With a starting price of €9,900, you can pack your things straight away and go on an adventure hunt. Since personal requirements vary from adventure to adventure, the ALPACA only shows its full potential with the owner. Regardless of whether you are an athlete, a family or a real off-roader – everyone can have unforgettable experiences with the regionally manufactured ALPACA camper!

We have aroused your interest and you would like to have an individual offer for your ALPACA camper? Then feel free to contact us via our chat or contact form.
Our team will contact you immediately!

DOT ALPACA on the road

Camper Pick-Up

Discover more about the DOT ALPACA and be ready for whatever!

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