3 steps – unlimited options

The DOT roof rack is engineered for highly individual needs. The following informations helps you to calculate and measure your rack the right way.

  • DOT

    Choose the right height for your roof rack mount. Make sure you've enough clearance between your gutter and roof top:

    DOT 100 = 100mm

    DOT 150 = 150mm

    DOT 200 = 200mm

  • ROOF

    Measure your roof length and width. It doesn’t have to be accurate within a millimeter. We recommended different sets for different roof length:

    = 1,5 to 2,5m
    MEDIUM = 2,5 to 3,5m
    LARGE = 3,5 to 5m

  • BARS

    All DOT roof rack parts are developed for 40x40mm aluminum extrusion bars. You can order these separately to ensure highest customizability.

    To calculate your roof rack please use our guideline below.

roof rack measure guideline

To make sure your roof rack will fit your car and your expectations - feel free to download our guideline (PDF)