We want to enable every adventurer and those who want to become one to travel independently and safely. Why independent? The products of DOT are characterized above all by stability and individualization and those who like to camp far away from the campsite are well equipped with our products. 
Days on tracks (DOT) is a brand of Hookie Co. GmbH and was founded in early 2020. In the middle of the pandemic, the feeling for freedom and travel became huge. It started with an old 4x4 GMC Pathfinder van and the vision of a family travel van. Nico, the founder of DOT, was looking for a companion with which he could travel independently and freely through Europe with his family. From the beginning there was the idea to mount a roof tent and enough space for boxes, solar panel etc. on the roof. But none of the offered roof racks fit Nico's ideas. He developed a system according to his ideas, it should be as flexible as possible and not give him a rigid system, because he still did not know where he want to put boxes etc. or how long the roof tent will be in the end. The result is a roof rack system with which you can flexibly plan and expand your roof. It fits on any roof with a gutter. 
DOT has now become an established supplier of carrier systems and is constantly expanding its product range. In 2021, a carrier and retainer system for any pickup truck will enrich the range. 
  • Nico Mueller

    CEO, Founder and Product Development

  • Sylvia Mueller

    CEO, Founder and Brand Strategy


    Office Manager, Customer Support


    Product Development, Design


    Brand Relations, Customer Consulting

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