HIVE Five! A new outdoor experience with Molle standard

HIVE Five! A new outdoor experience with Molle standard

Sylvia Müller

It's time to always have everything at hand with our smart HIVE Molle system.

If you keep things tidy, you save time and have more fun. However, this is easier said than implemented, especially when camping.

And this is exactly where we start. You could say our mission is a smart organization system for every vehicle.

We use existing systems and supplement them with smart and well thought-out solutions. This is how our new HIVE Molle Organizer System was created.

The HIVE Molle Panel forms the basis for the HIVE system and is made of 2mm aluminum, extremely light but also extremely stable. Thanks to the already mounted magnets, the organizer can be loaded with a total load of approx. 12kg. Regardless of whether there are straight surfaces or a slight curve on the vehicle, the thin material allows the Molle to adapt to the different shapes of the vehicle's outer walls.

In combination with the HIVE boxes, the organizer is the perfect outdoor storage. Each HIVE box is made of 1.5mm stainless steel and is extremely durable thanks to the high-quality powder coating. The HIVE boxes are available in the different DOT colors black, yellow, olive and white and offer different options for indoor and outdoor storage.

The idea is super simple: Everything you need to have quickly available outside of your vehicle can now be stored there. Whether in sports or camping.

HIVE Five! It's time to always have everything ready. Discover our complete Hive range now.

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