Julia and Jan with their Mitsubishi L300

Julia and Jan with their Mitsubishi L300

Days on Tracks

Isn't it a well-known childhood dream to travel around the world in a small vintage bus?

Julia and Jan have now made this dream possible and converted their Mitsubishi L300 into a small coach. We took the opportunity to ask you a few questions about your vehicle:

Please tell us more about you:

We are Out Off Screen – Jan, Julia, Mitsu – and together we are 83 years old. We have been repairing, converting and expanding the Mitsu over the last 1 ½ years, so that the three of us are now embarking on this big journey full of anticipation. We leave our previous lives behind us - jobs and apartments are terminated. For a certain period of time, we tear down all the walls of our previous everyday lives and move into something completely new - new cultures, countries, a different us. The Mitsu is a small getaway vehicle for us. We want to know what life has in store for us. After many years of saving and retiring ourselves, we can finally make all of this possible here.

Which vehicle do you drive?

Mitsubishi L300 4x4 built in 1990 4G64 engine, 111HP

What criteria did you use to choose your roof rack system? What exactly were you looking for?

In order to create as much and flexible storage space as possible on the roof, we looked for a support that would cover the entire roof. It was important to us that design and functionality harmonize. And of course we wanted to avoid screwing into the body. Daysontracks met exactly these criteria for us. Ultimately, we felt very comfortable – local in our neighborhood, competent and familiar.

Which parts did you install? Was the assembly as you imagined?

Dot Muli Gutter Installation Set Large The installation is self-explanatory. The two of us quickly put everything together and attached it to the roof. Later we bought the shovel in black and the holder for it. 

What is your next adventure?

We are currently on the way to Morocco. Maybe we’ll be in Georgia in six months – who knows. Our current adventure is not planned, we have no exact routes set, we don't know where we will be next week or next month. We have fulfilled a dream with this car and are now simply letting ourselves be guided by it – spontaneously, freely and without pressure.

What does Ready for Whatever mean to you?

Ready for Whatever captures the philosophy of our trip pretty well. We are ready for whatever may come – in every respect. The adventure can come – we trust our preparations, conversions and products.



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