Conquer the Roads with the DOT ZEBU US Bed Rack

Conquer the Roads with the DOT ZEBU US Bed Rack

Nico Müller

Conquer the Roads with Days on Tracks:
DOT ZEBU Bed Rack for Dodge Ram, Ford F-Series and other US Trucks

Functionality and versatility are the keywords of an full-size pick up truck. The DOT ZEBU Bed Rack gives you unlimited access to any kind of adventures or just hauling. We developed specially different brackets to mount our ZEBU Bed Rack to any US model. Even a DODGE Ram equipped with RAM Boxes are fully compatible.

Developed and fabricated in Germany we provide the highest quality of our parts. Our intention is to fabricate a rack for a lifetime – a 3 layer powdercoating and TÜV certificated welding joints are just a must have for us.

The DOT ZEBU Bed Rack for US trucks are available in two different heights. It´s variable in its width and fully compatibile with every kind of accessory on the market.

Installation made simple - Worried about the installation process? Fret not! DOT ZEBU Bed Rack is designed with a user-friendly installation in mind. The straightforward setup, including the innovative clamp system, means you can spend less time tinkering with your vehicle and more time planning your next epic road trip.

Here is a short list of US vehicle where our ZEBU rack fits:
- Jeep Gladiator
- Ford F-150
- Dodge RAM (with/without RAM Boxes)
- Toyota Tundra
- Toyota Tacoma
- Toyota Hilux
- Chevrolet Silverado
- Ford Ranger
- GMC Sierra
- and more

Unleash your vehicle's potential, and make every road trip an unforgettable experience with the DOT ZEBU Bed Rack and its innovative clamp system.


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