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DOT ZEBU Bed Rack Mid US

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DOT ZEBU Bed Rack US-Version – specially made for 5'7" pick up trucks (fits on Dodge RAM, Ford F-Series or other).

Our high quality pick-up luggage rack & roll bar "DOT ZEBU Bed Rack" is clamped on top of the loading area of your pick-up. You keep your valuable loading space. It's ideal to transport long objects such as ladders, pipes, or wooden beams. But also reliable and stable for your roof tent. The DOT ZEBU Bed Rack has a payload from 800kg.

Each Bed Rack comes with a universal hole pattern. The parts are powder coated and can be equipped with other accessories such as the DOT Shovel.

Designed and manufactured in Germany and ready for whatever!

Pictures shows DOT ZEBU Bed RACK Mid version – the US Version is not compatible with the Roof Rack Extension.

Technical Details:

  • Height: 29cm
  • load capacity of 800kg
  • Heavy Duty Version
  • Mounting options for auxiliary and searchlights
  • Multiple mounting systems for extra holders e.g. ladders, bike racks, racks for surf and snow board, video equipment etc.
  • Universal C-Clamp for any bed sizes
  • Variable rack width (140-165cm)
  • Rack length 150cm
  • Resident 3 times powder coated
  • Complete system with mounting hardware
  • NO TÜV acceptance required!


  • 6x Mounting Arms
  • 3x Arm Connector
  • 2x Bridge Connector
  • 4x Molle Panel
  • 6x Mounting Brackets (clamp version only)
  • 6x Spacer (clamp version only)


  • Simple self-assembly
  • Is clamped to the edge of the loading area - no drilling necessary!
  • Quickly mounted without special tools
  • Mounting accessories included
  • Installation time approx. 1-2 hours


🌱 At Days on Tracks, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability, with development and production processes meticulously crafted in Germany, ensuring environmentally conscious practices every step of the way.