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DOT HIVE Hook Holder

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There is one important rule when camping - organization! If you haven't organized your camper and defined an order, you have a problem. That's why we’re always looking for ideas and solutions to help us organizing our everyday items and keep them close to hand.

Our Molle panels are definitely the first step. Now we are going one step further and have developed the DOT HIVE Molle Outdoor Organizer System. Each of the HIVE parts can be hung individually on a Molle or can be inserted into each other.

The DOT HIVE Hook Holder consists of a shelf with 5 holes that you can use for DOT hooks to hang a towel, scissors and other stuff. And of course combine and stack with the other HIVE parts.

Size: 113x110mm

Technical Details:

  • Molle Outdoor Organizer System
  • For Molle Mounting 
  • Material: powdercoated stainless steel
  • Weight: 25g


  • 1x DOT HIVE Hook Holder